61 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

The Six Plots of Tech Twitter

The Six Main Arcs in Storytelling, as Identified by an A.I. The Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker There are only six plots on tech Twitter. All tweets are one of them. What are they?— Matty Stratton, charismatic grifter (@mattstratton) January 4, 2021 1. Front-end vs Back-end2. Degree vs Bootcamp3. White dude vs Diversity4. Money vs Passion5. DevOps is dead. Long live DevRelSecBuzFinSalesMarketingHROps8. K8s https://t.co/CK5VBqUfCh— Sasha Rosenbaum (@DivineOps) January 4, 2021 🤔 good question....1. DNS2. White asshat complaining about accountability3. DevRel: closer to sales, marketing, or product?4. K8s something or other5. Definition of DevOps, and why it's in a banana stand6. DNS, of course— Jeremy has no more covfefe 😷 (@IAmJerdog) January 4, 2021 1. $X service is down2. $X service is up3. Someone did something problematic but It's Fine ™️ /s4. Viral Coping Mechanism Du Jour5. Clickbait6. Hot Takes and Other Opinions...6b. Ads that refuse to be blocked— Quintessence {🥑/} - 👀 (@QuintessenceAnx) January 4, 2021 ok, ok, my actual answer1. White dude does white dude stuff and doesn't see what's wrong with it2. Whatever's on hacker news 3. Passion v. Payout4. Kubernetes something something something5. us-east-1 is down6. Slack is down— aaron aldrich (@crayzeigh) January 4, 2021
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