85 minutes | Dec 18, 2020

2020 Year-End Wrap-Up

Favorite Episodes Matty “Breaking Down Gates” with Tim Banks “Deserted Island DevOps” with a cast of thousands Trevor “DevOpsDays Chicago 2020” Jessica “Don’t Worry, Do Care” With Aaron Blohowiak Bridget “Tea and Anarchy” With Alice Goldfuss and Ian Coldwater Jeff “DevOpsDays Chicago 2020” What happened in 2020? Trevor A year of PM land Streaming fun with Shuffleboard (and a little DevOps). Check out the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Shufflinsanity, or look at some shuff.io livestreams. Virtual conferencing! A doggo (Friday) Jessica Jessitron, LLC Cut my hair Last Keynote Codebeam March 7&8 last talk with Avdi systemsthinking.dev Bridget I planned to travel less. Sorry for causing (points to everything). Fewer events but playing with the pre-record format Jeff Got a new gaming table Wrote a book! Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions Matty Last in-person conference was DevOpsDays NYC New job at Red Hat! DevOps Party Games Took over from Bridget as global chair for devopsdays Did “less” speaking this year (“only” 9-10 talks) 90s Sci-Fi Roundup Joe’s Babylon 5 talk at DevOpsDays Madison 2016 Joe’s Top Babylon 5 Episodes Season 1, ep 3: Born to the Purple, Great Londo episode. Season 2, ep 20: The Long, Twilight Struggle. End of the Narn/Centauri War. One of the best FX shots of the whole show. One of the best Londo/G’Kar eps. Season 3, ep 20: And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place. More good Londo/G’Kar. Season 4, ep 14: Moments of Transition. End of the Minbari Civil War. Good Delenn ep, better Neroon ep. Season 5, ep 8 Day of the Dead. Duh. Joe’s Worst Babylon 5 Episodes Season 1 ep 10: Believers. Basically Christian Scientists in space. I could have chosen TKO (Bloodsport in Spaaace!) or Infection (“He took a pretty bad hit!"). Believers is super-preachy and it has the pedigree of being written by David Gerrold (wrote the tribbles ep of original recipe Trek) Season 2 ep 18: Confessions and Lamentations. A deadly plague threatens the Markab. Another weak Dr. Franklin ep. Also, a deadly plague, read the room B5! Season 3 ep 18: Walkabout. Hey, look! It’s Wallace’s mom from Veronica Mars but oh, god, the songs! Season 4 ep 10 Racing Mars. Marcus AND Dr. Franklin together on Mars! Nuts and gum, together at last. Honorable mention: The Deconstruction of Falling Stars. Season 5 ep 11: Phoenix Rising. Fucking telegoths.
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