57 minutes | Dec 30th 2020

Episode 95 - The Top 3 Star Wars Characters with Michael Moreci, Mike Chen and Andy Lemiere

Star Wars characters range from very well-developed to moments of screen time and they all are loved by fans. In this round-table episode, Mike Chen, Michael Moreci and Andy Lemiere take a deep dive into #StarWars characters like #Anakin, #Ahsoka and Maul to discuss the rich tapestry of their back-story and why it is so important to the full Star Wars experience.  
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0:00 - Welcome! 
6:45 - What makes Vader so amazing today?  
9:45 - The Prequels are a complicated Story 
12:45 - Clone Wars as back story to the Prequels and Anakin’s story 
19:45 - Mace Windu’s role in the fall of Anakin 
23:15 - Ahsoka 
25:00 - Why Ahsoka is so important to the Prequels 
28:15 - Ahsoka in the Star Wars timeline 
31:30 - Season 7 of Clone Wars and the importance of the Martez Sisters arc 
34:30 - Filoni the Master Story Teller 
36:00 - The End of Clone Wars and the role Ahsoka played to Anakin 
40:15 - Maul IS Revenge 42:30 - Complex though morally wrong 
46:40 - Maul and Ahsoka, Ying and Yang  
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