56 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

Episode 91 - Alex & Mollie Damon of Star Wars Explained couple talks what's next after the Skywalker Saga

Star Wars Explained is the most popular #StarWars Youtube channel on the internet. Hosts Alex and Mollie Damon joined us to talk about #YouTube celebrity, the future of the saga and managing the #socialmedia conversation.  
0:00 - Welcome 
8:00 - Mollie joins the team 
9:20 - Social media 
13:15 - Mollie’s entry into Star Wars  
15:20 - Current state of Star Wars 
19:00 - Spoiler culture 
23:15 - The future of Star Wars 
24:40 - Anticipation and disappointment 
26:30 - The Rise of Skywalker 
29:15 - Mando and the broader stories 
33:15 - Being a YouTube Celebrity 
38:35 - Ten questions  
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