35 minutes | Oct 6, 2021

The Black Donnellys, Brenda Ganske, Horrifying History Podcast

This episode has it all! Several weeks back we put out a call for spooky stories on Twitter. The response was incredible!! This is one of the Halloween season episodes that resulted. Brenda Ganske has crafted a truly horrifying history that has everything, horse hauntings, successful squatters, angry town's people, murders, and much more. Sit back fellow Armchair Historians and buckle up while the host of the Horrifying History podcast enchants you with the true story of the Black Donnellys.Brenda Ganske is the creator and host of the podcast Horrifying History which she released in October of 2019, and History Coles Notes which was released exclusively on the Horrifying History YouTube Channel in July of 2021. Brenda is a spookstorian who loves everything to do with history and the supernatural.  She was born and raised in Alberta, Canada with the dream of becoming a detective, but ultimately decided to work in healthcare.  She has worked in frontline healthcare and later moved into healthcare analysis, which is why today she is able to tell stories that you likely never heard before.  In her free time, Brenda loves spending time with her partner and her beloved dog Gizmo who acts as her very lazy co-host.  She loves being outdoors and researching the spooky stories that she brings to her audience each week.  You can find Horrifying History at either www.horrifyinghistory.podbean.com or wherever you find your favorite podcasts. You can also find it along with History Coles Notes on the Horrifying History channel on YouTube.ResourcesHorrifying History website: https://horrifyinghistory.podbean.comTwitter: @HorrifyingHist1Instagram: @horrifying_historyFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/horrifyinghistoryHH episodes mentioned: From Russia with LoveThe Power of Voodoo Who Do Some VoodooHorrifying History Coles Notes, Who Really Discovered America?Support Armchair Historians:Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/armchairhistoriansKo-fi: https://ko-fi.com/belgiumrabbitproductions
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