22 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

Anik Gee Talks About Madam C. J. Walker, Part 2

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Part 2 of Anne Marie's interview with podcaster, writer, and New Yorker 4 ever, Anik Gee. Her comedy interviews podcast, The Chillary, is a place to chill and talk about adulting which "is like folding a fitted sheet and nobody talks anymore. We post, we tweet, we text. Come "pull up" with me, one adult to another as we explore, review, analyze and just simply chat about all things adult."

Anik is mother of three and author of two children's books, Sophia the Sensational and The Perfectly Perfect First Grader: The Day My Classroom Stood Still. She writes under the pseudonym Gee Williker. Anik finds inspiration for her stories easily in the normal day to day routines as a New Yorker and mother of three. With a spirit of joy and as a lover of life, Gee's purpose and goal for these children books is to help children cope and celebrate life.

In this interview we talk about her favorite history, first African American female millionaire Madam C. J. Walker, former first lady Michelle Obama, the podcaster's life, big families and much more.

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Sophia the Sensational

The Perfectly Perfect 1st Grader

More on Madam C.J. Walker:

Two Dollars and a Dream: The True Story of Madam C.J. Walker: I love the personal stories in this documentary! Worth the watch!


Self Made, Netflix Series

Madam Walker, the First Black American Woman to Be a Self-Made Millionaire, PBS website

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