37 minutes | Feb 20th 2020

John Herrington Astronaut: Space Walk onboard the International Space Station

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John Herrington is the first Native American astronaut. Join him on an out-of-this-world adventure as he takes us on a space-walk onboard the International Space Station. Hear what it feels like to be blasted into orbit at 17,000mph, learn what it’s like to live in Zero-G, and then step outside the hatch for one of the scariest, and most profound, adventures on the planet: a space-walk 220-miles above the Earth. 

But this is episode is about more than just adventure. Astronauts report a psychological phenomenon called The Overview Effect, a shift in cognitive awareness, when they return home from space. Through our journey, we see the Earth through John Herrington’s eyes – a bright jewel floating in the vastness of space - and come to realize, as he did, how precious, and amazing, our planet really is. This adventure may just change your life. 

 “There was nothing between me and the edge of the universe … it changed me profoundly” - John Herrington

 Highlights include: 

-       Heading out with John Herrington, the first Native American astronaut, for a space-walk 220-miles above the Earth

-       Learning about life aboard the International Space Station, and finding out what makes the ISS one of the humankind’s greatest ever achievements 

-       Following John Herrington through basic training, including the notorious ‘vomit comet’ 

-       Discovering what it feels like to launch into orbit at 17,000mph

-       Seeing the Earth as a whole through John Herrington’s eyes, clouds rushing past, continents drifting into view

-       Learning about the ‘Overview Effect’, a cognitive shift in awareness reported by many astronauts after seeing the Earth from space

-       Discovering John Herrington’s Chickasaw roots and how that has inspired his life and career to date

John Herrington’s new Imax movie is ‘Into America’s Wild’ – www.intoamericaswild.com … please check it out to follow more of his amazing adventures. 

In the episode, I mention Carl Sagan’s masterpiece book: The Pale Blue Dot. It’s one of my favorites. If you’re interested in checking it out, I highly recommend doing so. Here’s a link: https://www.amazon.com/Pale-Blue-Dot-Vision-Future/dp/0345376595

And here’s that amazing photograph, which inspired it all: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/resources/536/voyager-1s-pale-blue-dot/

I also mention a service that let’s you experience Zero-G, without being an astronaut. Check it out here: www.gozerog.com

Original music by Michael Comber, aka L.I.D. (Life in Development): http://lidmusic.co.uk

Check out more from Mike here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1FHmkcsnRqo0OaNSHKRLiu

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