55 minutes | May 2, 2021

The Winning Mindset for Innovative Business, with Mick Carter

What an enthusiastic and innovative guy we have on the show this week. Mick Carter is the CEO of Beyond Clarity: a company that provides ambitious and unique technology solutions across Australia. In Mick’s words “we help the world become a bit greener and a bit safer”. Mick shared a load of interesting stories about the products he has brought to market down the years, including a concept to turn air into water! Just as interesting is Mick’s own psychological journey. He has some great tips on how to develop the right mindset to consistently push boundaries and succeed. In this episode you will learn: -The good and bad of throwing away a safe corporate job and going it alone -What motivated Mick to become a CEO -The healthy mindset for business -Some of the incredible technology Mick has worked with -Fatigue technology for driving -Emerging markets -Sustainability in Australia -How to understand how carbon emissions are affecting your business -How Mick juggles his time and headspace between so many different innovations -The importance of data integration platforms Extra Resources: -Mick Carter on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-carter1
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