57 minutes | Apr 11, 2021

The Journey from CFO to CEO with Glenn Shepherd

In this episode I talk to Glenn Shepherd: a highly successful exec who tells the story of how he managed to become the top dog of a company who weren’t even advertising the role, in an industry he had no knowledge of whatsoever. Glenn is currently CEO of National 360, a fast-growing allied health services provider (formerly known as National Occupational Therapy). When Glenn started they had 60 therapists, mainly in Victoria, but now they’ve expanded across most of the country to 180+ therapists. Previously Glenn held CFO roles at Camp Australia (where he helped build up the business to be sold for $400m), Sushi Sushi and Melbourne Storm. We get a great insight into how the CFO journey prepared him to be a CEO, and how he expertly played the hidden job market to advance his career. In this episode you will learn: -How to balance operational delivery with strategic foresight -The challenges of induction programs in COVID times -How Glenn built good working relationships with people who were after his job -CEO recruitment being done remotely -The relationship between CEO, CFO and ownership -Building up a business for sale -How to upskill from CFO to CEO -How to get a handle on an industry you are not expert in -The importance of the hidden job market -How Glenn adjusted the business to survive during COVID -How to bring disparate teams together -Rockefeller habits -Glenn's life changing experience in the Champions' Forum Extra Resources: Find Glenn on Linkedin: https://au.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/glenn-shepherd-b200322a For a free copy of Richard Triggs’ best-selling book, Uncover the Hidden Job Market, go to: http://www.uncoverthehiddenjobmarket.com
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