50 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

149 - The Power Of Psychology For Better Change Management, With Meg Hooper

Wouldn’t we all like to get inside the heads of our colleagues to understand why they might be resistant to change? Meg Hooper makes a living out of doing just that, and she was kind enough to share some great advice on how to understand the human side of change management. Meg is the Director and Principal Consulting Psychologist of her own firm, Carousel Consulting, and is an active member of the Arete Champions’ Forum. Her background is seriously diverse, starting out on a path to become a marine biologist and ending up in psychology almost by accident. Oh, and she spent a while as part of a circus, just for good measure! We talk about her wide-ranging journey and the simple things we can all do to make change management as painless as possible. In this episode you will learn: -How best to approach organisational change -How Meg knew it was the right time to roll the dice and go out on her own -The benefits of planning a long way ahead when affecting change -Real-life examples of successful change management -Why partnering with key stakeholders in an organisation is more effective than simply making recommendations -The concept of “pre-silience” -What Meg has got out of the Arete Champions’ Forum -The dangers of change at the wrong time -What needs to be in place in company culture to empower employees to be flexible and open to change Extra Resources: Meg Hooper on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meg-hooper/ For a free copy of Richard Triggs’ best-selling book, Uncover the Hidden Job Market, go to: http://www.uncoverthehiddenjobmarket.com
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