8 minutes | Jul 2, 2021

How To Create A Simple New Semester Plan | For University And Architecture Students

Do you find yourself 3 or 4 weeks into a semester feeling overwhelmed, disorganised and falling behind? Does it take you this long to start to get into a groove and then spend the rest of the semester trying to catch up on the time you’ve lost and juggle all your deadlines? Listen to the full episode to learn: ** How your semester plan fits into an overall productivity system. ** How to create a simple, one-page semester plan. ** What to do with your plan once you have it!   READ THE ARTICLE HERE - https://archimash.com/articles/new-semester-plan WATCH THE VIDEO HERE - https://archimash.com/videos/new-semester-plan-2   RESOURCES and LINKS ** FREE Architectural “Start Up Student Planner” – https://archimash.com/free/planner ** All of my free gifts in one place - https://archimash.com/free ** My favourite tools, apps and resources - https://archimash.com/resources CONNECT WITH ME ** Website - https://archimash.com ** Newsletter - https://archimash.com/free/news ** Social Media Channels - https://archimash.com/connect ** Contact Email or Questions - https://archimash.com/contact
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