22 minutes | Aug 6, 2019

Episode 4: The Page of Pentacles

Arcana: A Novelistic Journey With the TarotMeet the Page of Pentacles!Connor Coin is the last character being introduced in the Pentacle family. The family visits a house in the Arcana community....and I think we might see them move in soon!  Connor is 5 and portrays the Page of Pentacles with his sense of learning, leadership and love of family and the earth.Stay tuned as we discuss the characters, plot and the journey into Arcana by visiting www.readbychristine.com*** Sorry folks, when editing I realized that the "good" microphone was not working for a majority of the podcast.  Most of the episode was done using the computer microphone.  Zachary (our actor for Connor) had to leave for a couple days and if I waited to redo the episode, it would be late.  SO....for those of you thinking of creating your own podcast...this is a good lesson in microphone quality!********Support the show (https://www.readbychristine.com/)
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