48 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

“Section 230” and the Regulation of Web Sites (Tech Regulation Series)

Nearly 25 years ago, Congress enacted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, declaring web sites would not be treated as "publishers" in posting third-party statements, and that their "good faith" efforts to edit or moderate content would not expose them to legal liability. In those days, this legal protection helped the early generation of Internet web sites grow and change the world. Today, Section 230 has become the central focus of today's debates surrounding Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet platforms.

In this episode, Enrique Armijo (Elon University) and Matthew Feeney (Cato Institute) join Adam White to discuss the Gray Center Working Papers that they recently published on the Section 230 debates, and the broader technological and policy issues at stake.

This is one episode in a series of podcasts on current tech regulations, discussing new working papers that were debated in Gray Center research roundtable last year.

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