42 minutes | Jul 12th 2020

Episode 9: Reality

Four incorrect theses on reality - Empirical idealism (Berkeley) - Transcendental realism (from Plato to Meillassoux) - Empirical realism (Samuel Johnson kicks a stone) - Transcendental idealism (Kant) – Why the question of reality is the wrong question – Why Kant is wrong (about the subject, representation, and the priority of the present-at-hand – Heidegger’s existential deepening of Kant – The scandal of philosophy is expecting that reality requires proof – Being-in-the-world is prior to both proof and faith – Epistemology is a symptom of Dasein’s falling – Both realism and idealism are consistent with being-in-the-world and both wrong – The wrinkle in the fabric of Heidegger’s argument: the Real – The hard core to reality: physical nature, matter, the earth – A possible dualism of reality and the Real: doesn’t this split the phenomenon?
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