70 minutes | Jul 9th 2020

Episode 8: Anxiety and Care

Bringing the whole thing together - Anxiety is way in in which the whole of Dasein is disclosed – Defining the whole as Care – The 12 steps of the Care structure - Articulated thrown projection – We are not simple - We are a hinge – We are a unified but multi-faceted stretch (future, past and present) – Temporality as the meaning of care – A stunning personal revelation about my anxiety – Why I do philosophy – Approaching Heidegger aquatically – Opening oneself to the tender indifference of the world – Anxiety as the mood of the novel (Crusoe) – Falling out of the homely – Party being - Time and tide – Being alone with others – Excursus on Terrence Malick – Anxiety, calm and courage – Anxiety reveals the Nothing – Darkness can help - The Christian background to anxiety (Kierkegaard) – Saint Paul and anxious waiting – Heidegger tells us a story and gives us a happy ending – Marrying Aristotle and Christianity within atheism.
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