59 minutes | Jul 3rd 2020

Episode 5: Thrown Projection

The difficulty of stating the obvious – Not splitting the phenomenon – We are ourselves the clearing – The movement of disclosure and closing over as learning the rhythm of existence – The music of “Being and Time” – The four key concept clusters – State of mind, always already finding oneself there – Mood, Heidegger on the passions – Into this world we’re thrown – Dasein exists factically – Projection, Understanding, Potentiality for being, freedom – Discourse is the condition of possibility for the articulation of the clearing that is us – Logos – We are the being that talks – Falling as horizontal, not vertical, not Satanic – Falling at the world – Authenticity as a modified way in which everydayness is seized upon – Fear – Giant bears and my mother – Interpretation as the layout out of understanding – Meaning is not deep, but a question of surfaces – Being is not the rabbit in the hat – Learning to see the hat without wanting the rabbit.
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