54 minutes | Jul 1st 2020

Episode 4: Being with Others

We are defined by a ‘who’ not a ‘what’ – Dasein is the with – Everyone is the other and no one is himself – I am Nobody (Emily Dickinson) – Networked being – “They think me” (Rimbaud) – Displacing the Cartesian starting point for philosophy, the ‘I’ – Moments in the precipitation of the Self in “Being and Time” (Anxiety, Death, Conscience, Resoluteness, The People) – How others show up in the workshop of the world – Being alone – Caring for, leaping in and leaping ahead of the other – Considerateness and forbearance – Do we really understand others? (Levinas) – An encoded social psychology of modernity (Sloterdijk) – The dictatorship of the They – Every secret loses its force – How to become authentic.
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