45 minutes | Aug 2nd 2020

Episode 18: Coda: Opening and Presence

The relation between the construction and destruction in Being and Time – How the incompletion of Heidegger’s project has been exaggerated – The fetishization of failure and the provisional Heidegger’s marginalia on his own book – What happens when we destroy the tradition - Presencing out of the source – The end of philosophy and the task for thinking – Being as opening, time as presence – The last words of Being and Time; or WTF Martin? - The risk of self-paralysis in false philosophical modesty – Against Towardism – Having the courage of your convictions – The massive amount that we have learned from Being and Time – Polemic: why this is the right path to be taken in philosophy – Finitude restated – Naming the experience of the appropriative event – There is no turning in Heidegger’s work, just a deepening – The importance of building castles in the air – All that there is, is air – How Being and Time changes one’s life and approach to philosophy – Leaving the climate of Heidegger’s thinking (Levinas).
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