100 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

Episode 16: Historicity and Politics

Death-obsessed male philosophers and the question of birth (Arendt) – The power of beginning – Stretchedness, persistence, movedness – Historizing as happening – History is rare – World history (a Greek temple) – The past lies ahead of us – Natural history – The ring – The loyalty of existence – Inauthentic history and the craving for the new – Recurrence and the love of fate – How to approach the science of history on the basis of existence – Monumental, antiquarian and critical (Nietzsche on history) – Heidegger’s debt to Dilthey – Philosophy as a manifestation of life – Fatigue – Why paragraph 74 of Being and Time is so important – Heidegger’s reply to Löwith – ‘See you later, alligator’, excursus on Lacoue-Labarthe – Heidegger’s revolutionary conception of history – Fate as individual, Destiny as collective – My struggle - The People (Volk) – The inner truth and greatness of National Socialism – Young Habermas – Who are the Germans? – Heidegger’s thinking of the One (henology) – Against authenticity - Defusing the link between philosophy and politics – Radicalizing facticity – Tragic and comic Heidegger – powerlessness – Heritage as the counter-concept to tradition – History as repetition – A weird thought: we repeat from out of the future – History is not the past – History comes to be from out of the future (Sandinista).
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