99 minutes | Jul 26th 2020

Episode 15: The Time of the Everyday World

The repetition of average everydayness from the standpoint of authentic temporality – Awaiting – Rapture – More unfairness to Kierkegaard – Making present – Forgetting – Repetition and memory – Bewildered fear, a burning house – Beckett – Resolute Dasein has no fear – Anxiety in the face of the nothing of the world – A taxonymy of moods – Hope comes in to tickle your feet – Equanimity – Being dragged along in thrownness – The authentic and inauthentic ecstases do not come in succession – The future is not later than the past – The genesis of the theoretical view of the world – An existential conception of science - Life-world practices and science – Phenomenology as pre-science – Deliberation is not absent from Heidegger (Tugendhat) – Different ways of philosophizing with a hammer – The importance of place – How nature is seen by modern science – Mathematical projection, data, modelling – Dasein is its world existingly – How the transcendence of being-in-the-world gets covered over in subject/object dualism – Horizonal schemas defined (with Kant) – The time of spatiality – Taking space in, literally – Leeway, play-space - Back to the everyday – The relation between authenticity and the everyday – There is no breakout from the cave – The enigma of everydayness – Philosophy and the enigmatic apriori.
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