42 minutes | Jul 24th 2020

Episode 14: Ecstatic Temporality

Unwavering discipline – Authentic Dasein is the unity of the three ecstases of time – The three-step rhythm of temporality – The future as coming towards itself – What comes out of the future is my having-been, the past –The past is null, but not annulled – The curtains lift on action – The future opens up the past and releases itself into the present – The moment of vision, the glance of the eye – Kairos as the fulfilment of time (without Christ) – How can time be said without metaphysics? – Verbalizing nouns, speaking in tautology - Temporality temporalizes itself – Dasein is the ecstatic one (Taminiaux’s story) – The meaning of finitude – End-ly time –Towards oneself! Existing as the nullity that I am - Sketch of a critique of Heidegger on time: the primacy of the past over the future.
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