88 minutes | Jul 20th 2020

Episode 12: Conscience

Exoteric and esoteric (Leo Strauss) – The 10-minute exoteric version of conscience – The much longer esoteric version: watching the ice-floe of Being and Time break up – The null basis-being of a nullity (the shape of the argument) – The peculiar character of the call of conscience – It says nothing (Cordelia in King Lear) – It is silent – Me, myself and I - The call comes from me and yet beyond me – Stranger voice (Nietzsche) – The nothing of the world – The self divided between two nothings – The three Rs: repetition, repetition, repetition (Mark E. Smith) – Guilty! – Heidegger’s genealogy of morals – Mortgage, death-pledge, money – Dasein is a nullity that does not have power over itself – Double impotence – Lagging behind one’s possibilities – An anti-heroic Heidegger (Beckett) – Dasein is a double nullity – The experience of freedom – Guilt is the pre-moral source for any morality (Kafka) – Double zero – Quasi-transcendental philosophy (Derrida) – Weakness is the brand (Maria Bamford) – Wanting to have a conscience – Action! – Resoluteness – Stillness (Stars of the Lid) – Situation as the seizing hold of space – Resoluteness as both taking action and the passivity of resistance.
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