80 minutes | Jul 17th 2020

Episode 11: Death

Full metal Heidegger in lockdown – Why you need to become an existential phenomenologist in the pandemic – Authentic being a whole, the themes of Division Two – Unfairness to Kierkegaard - Death as one’s ownmost, non-relational and not to be outstripped – Virility and impotence in relation to death – How others die (Tolstoy) – The certainty and indeterminacy of death – I am my not-yet – Authenticity and inauthenticity spin around in Heidegger’s analysis – The difference between expecting and anticipating death – Anticipation as the possibility of the possible – Violent language - Shattering oneself against death as a wrenching away from the They – I am possibility – Enter Nietzsche – Enter Freedom (towards death) – Having death in your mouth – Fruit – Corpse – Mourning is secondary – Dying for the other (Levinas’s discretion) – Sacrifice, holocaust – Undermining Heidegger on death – The relational character of finitude – How I see being-towards-death – The ontology of weakness.
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