42 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

Episode 10: Truth

Heidegger’s reefer moment – Ek-sistence – The history of truth – Deconstructing the traditional concept of truth – Getting beneath the theory of truth as correspondence – Being-uncovering – Aletheia as unconcealment - Heracleitus on sleeping like sheep – Preserving the force of the most elemental words – We are in the truth - How to live in a totalitarian lie (Havel) – Dasein is in the truth and the untruth, the two paths (Parmenides) – Truth is relative to Dasein – No Dasein, no truth – Newton’s laws – There are no eternal truths – Skepticism is unintelligible because a skeptic has never existed – Heidegger’s refutation of suicide - Finishing Division One and why we need Division Two of Being and Time.
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