30 minutes | Dec 13, 2022

Inheriting Kubernetes Day 1

A lifelong developer that discovers the power of Kubernetes, that’s how Robert Kozak, DevOps Architect at Emburse, story begins. Today, Robert is the Kubernetes expert at Emburse, an expense and invoice management SaaS company.

What happens when a career developer discovers the power of Kubernetes? Robert Kozak, a DevOps Architect for Emburse, has been living that story for the last 3 years. This journey, which is an overwhelming success, has significant forks in the road and requires significant time and care. The transformation at Emburse is highlighted by training investments, road map decisions, and the curiosity to make Kubernetes a part of the solution.

Join us as we discuss:
-What it was like for Robert to wrangle in Kubernetes at Emburse
-Which steps to take for a Kubernetes transition
-Applying software development frameworks like 12factor.net
-Being intentional about exploring the bleeding edge Kubernetes ecosystem
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