50 minutes | May 17, 2022

How Suited Leverages AI to Improve the Hiring Process

Traditional hiring processes often place a lot of undue emphasis on GPA and alma mater, data points that, generally, aren’t very predictive of future performance. 

Aaron Myers, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, and the team at Suited have built a company around a better way to hire—using AI to measure personality traits, experiences, cognitive data, and other metadata so that companies and job candidates find the most suitable match. 

Aaron discusses how Suited works, how the company helps customers implement better hiring data practices, and what the future holds for technology like AI and ML. 

We discuss:

  • Leveraging AI to deliver better hiring outcomes
  • Onboarding, setting expectations, and defining KPIs
  • Explainable AI and the future of hiring and performance management 

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