44 minutes | May 31, 2022

Custom Automation For Your Business

Do you remember when George Jetson pushed a button and a salad came out of a box? Believe it or not, that future might be closer than you think. 

Born out of demand during the COVID pandemic to automate and digitize food supply, this manufacturing company has created an automated food delivery system that sounds like it belongs in a science fiction film. But it’s not just that it’s as fast as you think it is. Abram Simon, VP of Software Engineering at Hyphen, shares not only how close this technology is to becoming a staple of commercial kitchens, but also what it will do for order accuracy, labor flexibility, and what comes next.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Plate appeal - by a robot?
  • Automation and labor flexibility
  • IOT solutions for lowering the entry barrier
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