46 minutes | Jan 12, 2017

1: Dongles are Jet White

Joe and Lee introduce the show, Applesause. In this episode, you’re in for an American Southerner and Welshman discussing their opinions of Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup. They also contrast MacBook Pros with 12" MacBooks, iMacs — new and refurbished models — and found new hope for future Jet Black iMac Pros. Thanks for listening! 5-in-1 hub attachemant to give MacBooks 5 ports Universal Cable Organizer Storage Case for Dongles Protect your MacBook in a sleek SPECK hardshell case MacBook Pros Choose and review specs between 15" and 13" MacBook Pros 12" MacBooks iMacs (4K and 5K models) iMore’s Ultimate Guide to the Touch Bar iMore’s Ultimate Guide to the Force Touch Trackpad Mac Dongles (“Dongletown” is right here) How to charge your iPhone with the new MacBook Pro Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 12” Keyboard Cover Markdown syntax (handy for writers) Boom 2 - “Best Volume Booster & Equalizer For Mac” Microsoft Surface Studio Lee Peterson’s LJPUK blog Retake podcast Top Brew podcast Night Owl site Ulysses - ‘Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone’ IA Writer - ‘Plain. Text.’ Lee On Twitter (@ljpuk) Joe On Twitter (@jcsdarnell)
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