86 minutes | Nov 8th 2020

Anything Ghost Show #274 - Ghost Stories from the U.S. and the U.K. Including Ghost of a Murdered Brother, the Haunted Hairdresser, a Haunted Garden House in Yorkshire, and Many Other True Ghost Stories!

Annie (Yorkshire, UK) - Garden House - Episode 148 in January 2012 Louie (UK) – The Haunted Hairdresser Liz (Florida, US) – It Was Bobbing From Behind a Tree Brooklyn, NY - John Yates' Ghost (1889) Emily (Lakewood, Washington) – Lunchroom Ghost Marion, Indiana - Railroad Crossing Ghost (1908) Troy (Seattle, Washington) - Great Aunt Rachael's Ghost Story (from 2017 Halloween) Ge Thao (Saint Paul, Minnesota) – Warehouse Ghost Long Island, New York - The Haunted Rocking Chair (1898) Paterson, NJ - Ghost of a Murdered Brother (1901) Chicago, Illinois - The Ghost of the Murdered Doctor (1889) Kansas City, Missouri - The Noisy Ghosts on Robert’s Street (1905) Andrea (Tennessee, US) - Dad’s Dead Aunt Sponsors for Anything Ghost: HelloFresh (use the code anything90) Best Fiends mobile game Betterhelp.com/anythingghost (10% off first month) Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup
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