147 minutes | Oct 17th 2020

Anything Ghost Show #273 (Part Two) - The 2020 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special

Sylvia (Anthony, New Mexico) – Haunted High School> Hello - Cooper (Jackson Hole, Wyoming) Alta (Philippines) - School Restroom Ghost Isabella (Minnesota, US) - Mysterious Whistle> Hello - Eric (Cincinnati, Ohio) Alice (US) - My Haunted House Cheryl (Ohio, US) - My Beloved Sister> Hello - Gonçalo (Portugal) Brian (Vancouver, BC) - The Almost Ghost> Hello - Mimi at Dream Detective Podcast (Seattle, Washington) Kathy & Lexi at Eclectic Stories of the Paranormal (US) - Our Paranormal Experiences Douglas (US) - The Man in the Red Pants> Hello - Kelly Jo (Arizona, US) Andrea (Virginia, US) - Ghost Story Justin (California, US) – Strange Noises> Hello - Vee (Indianapolis, Indiana) Mark (Liverpool, England) – Strange Events in Liverpool> Hello - Valerie (Jacksonville, Florida) Davia (Minnesota, US) - Five Stories from Minnesota Lilian (New York, US) - Haunted New York Apartment – Part II Michelle (Alabama, US) - My Son's Paranormal Life Mike (South Carolina, US) - Mysterious Passenger> Hello - Melanie (Austin, Texas) Deborah (Massachusetts, US) - An Urban Legend of a Dorm Ghost Melissa (US) - Small Cemetery Ghost at St. James Cemetery, east coast U.S. Brownwood, Texas - The WWII Soldier Ghost of Coggin Avenue (1944) Sponsors for Anything Ghost: HelloFresh (use the code anything80) Best Fiends mobile game Betterhelp.com/anythingghost (10% off first month) Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup
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