131 minutes | Oct 17th 2020

Anything Ghost Show #273 (Part One) - The 2020 Mega-Macabre Halloween Special

AJ (U.S.) - Ledgeview, My Haunted Childhood Home Arcadia, Ohio - Railroad Conductor Ghost (1890)> Hello - Merilee & Irin (San Antonio, Texas) Ann (New Jersey, US) - Haunted Museums Angelia (Esparto, California) - Haunted House in Esparto, California> Hello - Neil and Nicola (Blackpool, England) Erica (US) - Haunted Basement in a New York Building TJ (Oregon, US) - Restaurant Ghosts> Hello - Sarah (Toronto, Canada) Denyse (Virginia, US) - Haunted House in Mundelein, Illinois> Hello - Rebecca (Waco, Texas) Katie (US) - The Contorting Shadow Man and the Old Lady David (New Jersey, US) – Haunted Bernardsville Library> Hello - Shelly (US) New York - The Boarding House Ghost (1909) > Hello - Su (US) Lucy (UK) - Paranormal Experiences in an Old Manor House in England > Hello - Greg (Muskogee, Oklahoma) Brandi (California, US) - It Happens at Grandma’s House Chautauqua, Kansas - Mrs. Winser’s Ghost at the Hardrock Cemetery (urban legend from 1902) Sponsors for Anything Ghost: HelloFresh (use the code anything80) Best Fiends mobile game Betterhelp.com/anythingghost (10% off first month) Anything Ghost VIP Ghroup
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