35 minutes | Jan 9th 2020

What is Business?

Welcome to our very first episode! We're so excited to invite you to our weird point of view of what business means to us.

We've come together to share our joy of business and life and would love everyone to know that no one has to have a money problem. One of our targets, for those who desire it, is to know that Anyone can do Business, even if that's not what you've been taught or told.

We both live outside of the norm of what business and creation is. Join us as we explore what business has meant to us, what we've been shown and told as well as offer a different possibility.

Our point of view creates our reality. If you can get an awareness of where you are now, what your beliefs and points of view are around business and work, it's the first step to changing it.

What if, wherever you are now can change?

Use this exercise to gain some insight of where you are now. Get your pen and paper out, or your phone, and write down everything that comes up when you ask yourself these questions:

  • What is Business to me?
  • What do I mean to Business?
  • Who is Business for?
  • What is Work?

Lauren Marie is a Joy of Business facilitator, acupuncturist, entrepreneur and mother of twins. She travels worldwide, facilitating classes and changing her clients’ point of view about life, health and business. Born on the outskirts of Washington D.C., Lauren now lives on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

A passionate creator and conscious rule-breaker, Lauren seeks to inspire other mothers to see the possibilities others overlook, and to embrace every challenge and choice that parenthood brings. http://www.meetlaurenmarie.com/

Rachael O’Brien is CFMW, a Transformational Life Coach, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Joy Of Business Certified Facilitator, Certified Management Consultant, Pilates Instructor, and co-owner of Irish Rain Natural Skin-Care.

She lives in Ireland and travels around the globe facilitating classes! Her target is to empower as many people as possible to know what they know! What would it take for you to know, you can change anything in your life that does not work for you? https://www.rachaelobrien.org/