26 minutes | Mar 22nd 2017

Shot #9: Members Only

Sometimes you just gotta get together and laugh with your friends, which is why this week's shot features two of our faves: Nichole Perkins, BuzzFeed Emerging Writers Fellow and Aaron Edwards, who does product and editorial at The Outline. 

This week there's a righteous game of Pew Pew Pew with friends and a conversation that goes from how you protest, to awkward dates, to cuss words and jivesicles. Go ahead and consider how doing drugs with Donald Trump might be genius and quantify exactly what you'd do to *not* have to watch your parents having sex. 

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Nichole Perkins: @tnwhiskeywoman
Aaron Edwards: @aaronmedwards
Tracy Clayton: @brokeymcpoverty (@tracysdrunkass is pending) 
Heben Nigatu: @heavenrants

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