69 minutes | Feb 2nd 2020

Tom London talks Brexit

Host Anita Whittaker and friend, political Twitter celeb Tom London @Tomlondon6, discuss Brexit and other political matters.  Just like you would gather around your kitchen table at home with friends in conversation, we bring you the comforting and familiar vibe of friendship with some great knowledge.  Believe me you, I am learning an awful lot so this is perfect for you, even if you know nothing about politics.SHOW NOTESIntro.  How Tom and I became friendsWhat does Brexit mean to Tom LondonWhy Brexit is not a good ideaThe history of the UK's relationship with the European UnionThe fear of Immigration, why?Is media coverage balanced?Let's be frank, Labour PartyWhat next for us as a people and UK politicsAs always an absolute pleasure speaking with Tom, we could go on for much longer and perhaps we should.  I would love to have him back to discuss other political issues.  Please check him out on twitter @tomlondon6 and have a read of his blog posts on Tom London
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