65 minutes | Mar 15th 2020

Justin Randolph Thompson Black History Month Florence: Why it is important for the modern world to accept and teach it's past and how Art transcends boundaries...

NOTE: This was recorded in February before the coronavirus lockdownBlack History Month is an irritation of Anita's as she feels it is often used as a gimmick to sweep real issues under the table and 'tick' the diversity box.  Justin explains how, an African-American man came to create Black History Month in Florence, Italy and how he is aiming to help educate and 'involve' the wider population of Italy.  Through many mediums including Art, Justin is a 'Fine Art' Professor, he explores blackness through the black population living in Italy, including Anita's beloved friend Gary Jo Gardenhire whose 'Golly' pieces, were shown in Florence as part of their Black History Month events.Anita and Justin also discuss, what is 'Art' and how everyone can, and should, access it's many forms.For further information on Back History Month Florence, and to help with research, contact Justin and the team belowWebsite:- Black History Month FlorenceFacebook:- https://www.facebook.com/blackhistorymonthflorencepage/Instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/black.history.month.florence/?hl=enAs this is a discussion about the visual arts, an accompanying video will be released with part 2This is part 1 of a two part Art series featuring the 'GOLLY' exhibition by Gary Jo Gardenhire.Special mentions:Thank you to Prof. Andrew Smaldone Academic Dean at Santa Reparata International School of ArtsProf. Justin Randolph Thompson & Gary Jo Gardenhire for their support and time in putting this podcast series together.SRISA - https://srisa.orgGary Jo Gardenhire - https://www.garyjogardenhire.com/Further learning:- The Black Prince of Florence by Catherine Fletcher:- PenguinAfricans in Renaissance Europe by Cecily Garber:- The Ultimate History ProjectPamela Z - pamelaz.com
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