59 minutes | Mar 1st 2020

Jen Logan from 'The Garment Streak' - Slow fashion is a 'Must' for our world to survive and it does not 'Hate' style

The Occasion is Climate Emergency, the dress code is slow fashion.  Jen Logan is an Australian artist living in Harlesden, London.  She is the creator behind 'The Garment Streak', a collaborative Instagram performance piece, which challenges people to post a picture of themselves wearing the same garment every 24 hours,  to challenge the norms of fast fashion.  This is done over a period of days or weeks.  Anita herself has 'streaked' and enjoyed learning ways to tackle her own personal challenges around wearing an item daily.Anita and Jen discuss, what is 'The Garment Streak', why slow fashion is an important subject, and how we can all make a difference to Climate change.Find the Garment Streak here and join the movement:Instagram - @garmentstreakYouTube - The Garment StreakThe Garment Streak is part of FER Production, a company founded by Jen and her Husband David.  Fer is a collective artist, following the tradition of art used as a theological medium; as an instinctive mode for communicating the faith. https://www.ferproduction.com
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