60 minutes | Feb 2nd 2020

BONUS: BTS TEST - Married DJ's

Johann Whittaker, show technician and Anita Whittaker, your host, met as Dj's.  Him a club Dj and her a radio Dj.  Formerly known together as the Mr and Mrs Show (link to newspaper article) on Rocsolid FM; listen as they record a test show, discussing 90's Hip-Hop and RnB.  This is what we are really like!  Banter, music, love and more.Not particularly explicit but does play snippets of music with profanity in it.This is Uncut and without editing so you will hear all the background noise.  IT WAS A TEST!Johann Whittaker aka DJ Jay-T, does a 'show in the mix' every Monday night from 8pm 10pm GMT over on ROCSOLIDFM Be sure to tune in!Follow DJ Jay-T on Instagram Mixcloud Facebook
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