67 minutes | Mar 25, 2020

AllTheAnime Podcast (from home) - 25th March 2020

Jeremy Graves and Andy Hanley are back to bring you nearly 70 minutes of fun discussion to help pass the time. Today, while they have every intention of trying to remain on topic that quickly doesn't happen as they begin talking about many Transformers related topics including the various old school animated series as well as the variety of classic Transformers comics and now manga available! But they do get onto anime related talk, there's some brief discussion on the fact you can stream the Konosuba movie right now on Crunchyroll, and in the "what they've been watching" pile they talk about Fate/GO and the tv series of Eureka Seven! And of course there's more questions from the community covering a variety of topics such as the possibility of us releasing/licensing certain titles, possible anime flavoured Pepsi Max collaborations and even what anime characters would we like to/hate to be stuck in lockdown with. A fun show as always! Our next episode will be recorded on Friday and will be focusing on the discussing (at least) the first 3 episodes of Cardcaptor Sakura, which you can stream on Channel 4's All4 service. If you want to let us know what you thought of the first three episode of Cardcaptor Sakura, you can do so via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and be sure to including the tag #AskAllTheAnime so we know it's a comment directed for the podcast. ---------- APPROX TIME CODES FOR THIS EPISODE - 00:00 - 11:55, Start of show, Transformers discussion 11:56 - 15:23, Updates from AllTheAnime 15:24 - 38:26, What we've been watching (Fate/Go, Eureka Seven) 38:27 - 1:07:25 [END], Reminder of Cardcaptor Sakura discussion coming on Friday, Questions from the community, Outro.
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