101 minutes | Jul 10, 2020

[[Episode 154]]~ An Iron Clad Rule For Podcasters!

Why hello there lovelies, Sit back and take a seat as the hosts of ACB gather one last time to discuss the Patreon Anime Requested anime from Suki, Super Gals! Stay tuned for our review of Studio Pierrot’s anime Super Gals Good Ol Time Stamps: Main Topic: The Future of the Podcast - 2:21 Spoiler Free Review: Super Gals! - 9:48 Ratings & Recommendations - 1:19:54 Come into the Spoiler Room ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) - 1:33:08 ***Special Patreon Shout Outs This Week*** Suki - bit.ly/2G2H6qG CorpsyAnn - bit.ly/2O6S7Hw Paul - bit.ly/2TbXyH2 TroubleClef - bit.ly/2JQ44kt Nocturne - https://bit.ly/3iUzxSm Jon (drango) - bit.ly/2OrpiY3 **Other Show Recommendations** School Rumble MAL - https://bit.ly/2ZhL3PS / Kitsu - https://bit.ly/2Ze9Kwu Time for all the disclaimers! Are ya ready, kids? ***All animes mentioned belong to their rightful owners. ***All art used belongs to their rightful owners. ***Podcast Images created by Chiikaboom: All rights reserved. ***Follow the podcast artist on twitter at: bit.ly/2wBVQIa ***Visit the podcast artist's official website at: bit.ly/2IjBfxK ***The Music (reunion- opening section and rainy day- closing section) used in this video is property of Sakagami Souichi, all rights reserved. ***We own nothing besides our own voices and opinions. ****** ***Support us on Patreon at: bit.ly/2H38II9 ***Follow us on twitter at: bit.ly/2RPLnla ***Write in an E-mail at: anichatmail@gmail.com ***Watch us on YT at: bit.ly/2H7TVA4 ***Listen to us on SC at: bit.ly/2HuxnZI ***Watch us live dub video games on Twitch at: bit.ly/2ESz1yH ***Find Cami's Twitter here: bit.ly/2WmmKwL ***Find Cassie's Twitter here: bit.ly/2Uf4tPO ***Find Craig's Twitter here: bit.ly/2RQWnjO ***Find Lily’s Twitter here: bit.ly/2S5J8sM Like gaming? Then give this a listen: bit.ly/2JQfyT9 Once again, thank you so much! See you next week!
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