13 minutes | May 9, 2017

Soul Searching

How do we rejuvenate the soul? We take care of our bodies and feed them with foods of the highest nutritional quality and exercise frequently. We stimulate our minds with good books and great company. But, what do we do to rejuvenate the soul? How do we know when to begin digging deep and reconnecting with the soul? On this episode of Ani Vibes, Ani answers these questions through her reflections of the soul. Join us for this rejuvenating episode of Ani Vibes! Email questions or comments to the show: info@anivibes.com About the show: Website: www.anivibes.com Facebook: @Ani.Vibes Ani Vibes is brought to you by LineupMedia.fm. The post Soul Searching appeared first on Ani Vibes.
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