18 minutes | May 16, 2017

Exploring Cats as Healers

Perhaps, “cat people” are healing people…   Are you one of the few billion people in the world who are obsessed with cats and constantly intrigued by their mystic nature? On this episode of Ani Vibes, we explore the real life experiences of Ani’s husband and historian, Sarkis Rshdouni, in which Ani highlights the healing properties of cats. From healing certain heart conditions to ancient Egyptian cat symbols…to medieval myths of witchcraft and cat guides…we uncover the historic role of feline energies and their associations with the human race. Join us for this healing episode of Ani Vibes! Email questions or comments to the show: info@anivibes.com About the show: Website: www.anivibes.com Facebook: @Ani.Vibes Ani Vibes is brought to you by LineupMedia.fm. The post Exploring Cats as Healers appeared first on Ani Vibes.
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