26 minutes | Apr 19, 2017

Charleen Joins Ani Vibes!

Charleen tells us of the healing that comes with stories and memories of the Armenian Genocide. On this episode of Ani Vibes, Ani sits down with Charleen, a multi-faceted healer who works in the fields of mental health using creative expression and the arts as a medium. As a member of many female empowered healing groups and circles, Charleen’s life experiences have led to this moment: discovering her maternal Armenian lineage and the origins of her healing powers stemming from the ancient Armenian goddess, Anahit.  Charleen tells us about an art exhibition she will be hosting at the San Francisco Liberation Institute/Urban Retreat Center on April 23rd, 2017, where she will share her exploration of Armenian wounding and healing in regards to the painful memory of the Armenian Genocide embedded in her DNA that she inherited from her grandmother, a survivor. In addition, she will be sharing her journey of unfolding the Armenian goddess, Anahit, from her Armenian/Jewish/Irish perspective. Join us for this episode of Ani Vibes! Ani Vibes is brought to you by LineupMedia.fm. The post Charleen Joins Ani Vibes! appeared first on Ani Vibes.
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