45 minutes | Mar 2, 2020

Interview with Lars Brink Getting Rid of Modules

This Angularlicious episode features an interview with Lars Brink. Lars has an extensive background in web technologies. He shares his experience with us about some interesting Angular topics. He is passionate about elegant code and performance. Learn why there is a need to reconsider Angular modules and how we work with components. - Lars is on a mission to get rid of Angular modules...and why - A proposal for components to declare their dependencies - Lars confirms that he is the original SCAM artist - A discussion on the SCAM pattern; where and how it used; benefits of using SCAM pattern - Angular Monorepo, Nrwl.io Nx tool for team development = Collaborating on a new topic for inDepth.dev - UI Feature Libraries with Nacho Vasquez - all articles are free on https://www.inDepth.dev Github.com: https://github.com/LayZeeDK Email: larsbrinknielsen@gmail.com inDepth.dev Author Page: https://indepth.dev/author/layzee/
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