13 minutes | Jan 18, 2020

Angular Architecture Discussion Part 1

Software Architecture is more than just code - this episode discusses (3) core elements of software architecture. This initial discussion lays the groundwork for Part 2 Effective Angular Architecture. Learn what you should consider for software architecture and what the balance between creativity and technical implementation. Architecture is much more than just design. The process to create a design and a plan is just the beginning of architecture. You could have the best design and plans for a project, however, if the wrong tools and materials are chosen the outcome of the design might be a failure. Also important is the execution of the design. If you only had 2 of the 3, without proper execution of the plan, the chances of success may be limited. It is the combination of all 3 together that creates effective architecture and provides the best potential for success. More information at www.angularlicio.us and make sure you checkout the new Angular Architecture book: https://leanpub.com/angular-architecture-the-unofficial-guide
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