3 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

Welcome to the ANGR Podcast with Sofia Syntaxx

The ANGR Podcast with Sofia Syntaxx is a new podcast where Anishinaabe activist and performer Sofia Syntaxx gives you an intimate look at what it means to be indigenous in today's topsy-turvy modern world.  The ANGR Podcast will unpack tough topics with comedy, good research, and personal connections. Host and producer Sofia Syntaxx will also be teaching a new word or phrase in Ojibwe each episode.  It's a podcast for anyone who is putting in the work to be their best selves, who wants to be a better ally, challenge assumptions, and change the world.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss your heartbreak goodbye!  Follow @ANGRPodcast on Twitter and Instagram for more activism resources and to share what's making YOU angry! New episodes every other Tuesday.  Mi'iwi [that's all]
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