18 minutes | Feb 24th 2021

S01 Ep02 – Capitalism Can Wait: Complaining About My Cool Job

Do you work at a hospital you couldn’t actually afford to get sick in, or at a university you’d have to take out a loan to attend? In this episode host Sofia Syntaxx, a long-time member of the side hustle generation, uncovers the real reason we hate Mondays, but it isn’t what you’d expect. Tune in for a crash course on the gig economy, how your boss is probably screwing you over, and real-life ways to effect change in your workplace today! Want to know how to survive gig work with your soul intact? This is the podcast for you. With so many people now both living and working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic, work burnout and fatigue is inevitable. Join as Sofia explores the roots of the self-care movement and pushes back against grind culture. Digressions include how to handle the big feels that go hand-in-hand with working from home during a global pandemic, app jobs, dealing with art block, and why we must reject the starving artist stereotype. The revolution will not be monetized, so let’s take nap. Do you want to participate? Message us @ANGRPodcast on Twitter and Instagram. Email us at ANGRpodcast@SofiaSyntaxx.com Visit linktr.ee/ANGRpodcast for more information. New episode released on the 23rdof every month. Mi'iwi [that's all] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interlude music by Transistor.fm. SFX courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keywords: how to cope with work from home burnout, angr podcast, angry ndn girl radio, art block, art block tips, artist tips, artists block, audre lorde, avoid burnout during covid, avoid burnout tips, avoid wfh burnout, burn out, burn out emotional burnout, burnout, burnout in quarantine, burnout remote work, burnout symptoms, burnout syndrome, corona virus, coronavirus, coronavirus pandemic, covid-19, depression, healing, how to avoid burnout while working from home, how to overcome art block, how to prevent burnout, how to prevent burnout during covid, how to prevent burnout wokring from home, inspiration, kate nyx, life, mental burnout, mental health, nap ministry, nap ministry healing justice podcast, nap ministry tricia hersey, overcoming artists block, psychology, quarantine, quarantine anxiety, remote work, self care, slowing down, social distancing, sofia syntax, sofia syntaxx, sofia syntaxxx, stress, stress burnout, the way we work, work from home burnout, work from home tips, work-life, work-life balance
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