31 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

Become Comfortable with the Unknown

“I’d love for you to ask yourself: how am I applying old logic to an entirely new set of circumstances?” – Lola Wright

There is a Jewish ritual called Yahrzeit, which is the day one year following the death of a loved one. It is a time to mourn and honor a loss through ceremony. As a people we are approaching a kind of collective Yahrzeit, a time to both recognize grief and honor everything that has come over the past year.

While the future is still as uncertain as it ever has been, we cannot deny that the last year has changed us in unparalleled ways. Instead of clinging to our old understanding of the world, how can we use this anniversary to take inventory of what has changed and what no longer serves us? I invite you to leave your desire for control behind and take a step into the next stage of your life.

  • (1:08) - Yahrzeit
  • (4:12) - Old logic in new contexts
  • (11:37) - Stepping into the unknown
  • (15:38) - Taking inventory
  • (19:45) - Letting go
  • (25:02) - Embracing your lessons

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Chicago born and built, Lola grew up in wealth and privilege, yet always sensed something was missing. She sought out aliveness and freedom in music, immersing herself in the hip hop and house music scenes of 90s Chicago. After finding herself on her own at 23, as the mother of two young children, she became determined to create a new experience.

Lola is an ordained minister with a gift for weaving together the mystical and material, she served for many years as the CEO of Bodhi Center, an organization committed to personal transformation, collective awakening, conscious activism, and community-building. 

This podcast is produced by Quinn Rose with theme music by independent producer Trey Royal.

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