25 minutes | Feb 5th 2019

The Critical Condition of Healthcare IT

With advances in technology, healthcare providers now have access to sophisticated imaging systems that have improved medical diagnostics. Newer digital modalities produce higher resolution and better-quality images that enable more accurate clinical decisions. But this benefit comes at a cost. From MRIs to multi-slice CTs, tomosynthesis, cardiac imaging, and more, imaging data is growing at a staggering rate. As we transition from the digital age to the data age, an increasing number of healthcare organizations are challenged by overwhelming data growth. The introduction of nontraditional imaging and the requirements of managing larger imaging studies are affecting the ability to share data between remote facilities, meet retention guidelines, and recover from outages without sacrificing accessibility or availability, both of which are crucial for efficient operation and effective patient care. Listen to this episode to learn: Learn the three keys to effective EHR optimization How to effectively bring in data sources and simplify data management Understand the benefits and challenges of adopting cloud technology in a healthcare IT environment Find out how healthcare organizations are strategically utilizing public could technology
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