18 minutes | Dec 18th 2019

How to Get Started with Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation” is a popular business buzz word, but what exactly does it mean? When people talk about digital transformation, a lot of times they actually mean “digital modernization.” While these terms sound synonymous and are often used interchangeably, it is important to recognize key differences. Digital transformation is much more than simply going digital. It is the process of taking advantage of innovative technology to reimagine an organization’s processes, culture, people, and customer experiences. It can result in new business models, revenue streams, policies, and values. We’re speaking with industry expert Russ Nelson, who is our Adobe platform leader, to understand digital transformation and why it’s important, especially for industries facing disruption. Listen to this episode to learn: The difference between digital transformation and digital modernization What is driving digital transformation How to get kick-start your organization’s digital transformation Tips for a successful digital transformation
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