10 minutes | Oct 30th 2020

How IoT Technology Is Helping Businesses Get Back to Work Safely

As organizations begin re-opening, customer and employee safety is more important than ever. IoT technology like thermal imaging, contact tracing, access control and social distance monitoring can help protect anyone sharing a physical space. By using sensors to monitor critical information about anyone entering a building, like body temperature or physical distance, these solutions can help mitigate risk in a non-invasive way. Many of these systems send automated alerts to a targeted set of users, eliminating the need for manual screenings and reducing the number of dangerous bottlenecks at building entrances and exits. Listen to this episode to learn: The role that IoT technology is playing in helping businesses re-open safely How thermal imaging technologies are helping organizations everywhere mitigate the risk of illness in the workplace Best practices for selecting a thermal imaging solution and implementing a screening protocol Which new IoT technologies are on the horizon as part of a “back-to-work" blueprint
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